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A survey1 from Lantmännen Unibake’s Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand has shed new light on teacake buying and consumption habits of UK shoppers.

When asked about the frequency of consumption, 26% indulge in a teacake at least once a week, while 19% enjoy it once every fortnight. The average price consumers are willing to pay is £2.55, and 77% would normally buy one with a drink, demonstrating the revenue opportunity of offering meal deals and upselling with a beverage.

Fruited teacakes have traditionally been considered an afternoon treat for colder months, but that appears to be changing. Of those questioned, 20% would enjoy a teacake any time of day, and perhaps surprisingly, 22% said summer is their preferred season vs 45% enjoying one all year round.

Tradition is standing strong when it comes to how consumers like to enjoy a fruited teacake – toasted is preferable (75%) with jam (49%), butter (40%) and clotted cream (31%) chosen as ideal toppings. There is, however, room for innovation, with fresh fruit and chocolate spread/sauce. This opportunity for operators to get creative taps into the trend for the premiumisation of sweet treats, by elevating them with interesting and unusual additions.

Sam Winsor, marketing manager at Lantmännen Unibake, said: “It’s been a fascinating deep dive. We’ve found that 65% of consumers seek out an English classic when buying a treat. In fact, 72% agree that teacakes embody a sense of nostalgia, and 84% are tempted to buy a sweet bakery product because it is associated with a happy memory.

“The strength of the fruited teacake heritage has contributed to its emotional connection with consumers.”

Quality is the key purchasing driver, with 45% in agreement, and 46% stating that the spongey texture makes a perfect teacake. Taste is another important consideration, with a robust structure that doesn’t crumble when toasted or topped (43%) and plenty of raisins and sultanas (28%).

Outlets can add a Schulstad Bakery Solution’s 5” Fruited Teacake to their menus as a permanent feature, rather than a seasonal addition. There is also an openness from consumers to explore more premium toppings.

1 Nationally representative survey of 500 respondents by Opeepl on behalf of Schulstad Bakery Solutions, June 2023.


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