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St Pierre shares new data revealing a third of Brits say their festive menu is more important this year than ever before 

 For many, this Christmas won’t mean time with the wider family, or travelling to reunite with loved ones – but after nine months of intermittent lockdown, a quarter of UK households (24 per cent) are putting more pressure than ever on a ‘perfect’ Christmas.

Research by St Pierre, the European bakery expert, revealed that 27 per cent of UK homes believe that this year’s festive menu is more important this year than ever before, with 53 per cent revealing that food forms a significant part of family traditions.

What’s more, one in five British households (19 per cent) are planning to spend more on food this festive season, for a number of reasons;

  • 47% of those spending more are doing so because of the challenges of 2020
  • 51% are spending more on food because they need something to look forward to

More than one in 10 shoppers will spend up to £100 per head more on food this year, despite 34 per cent of respondents revealing that they were worried about Christmas because of financial constraints this year.

On a brighter note for grocers, lockdown has reignited a passion for food for many across the country (29 per cent) – with a quarter (24 per cent) admitting that food is more fun now and 38 per cent feeling more confident in the kitchen as a result. That might go some way to explaining why 43 per cent of the UK’s home cooks are genuinely ‘looking forward’ to cooking over Christmas.

So, what should UK retailers be stocking up on? 
Traditional British favourites are here to stay

Turkey remains top of the menu, with 64 per cent of us keeping it on the shopping list. Pigs in blankets are also popular with 60 per cent of households planning to indulge this year. Stuffing (60 per cent), gravy (65 per cent) and Yorkshire pudding (51 per cent) complete the wish list for Christmas dinners. 

If you can’t go to the Christmas markets, then bring the Christmas markets to you

The Christmas markets are a growing tradition, with more than half the country (51 per cent) usually attending. It might come as no surprise then, to hear that 11 per cent of us will be taking inspiration from traditional market menus, 9 per cent will be replicating the Christmas market experience and 8 per cent will be serving Christmas hot dogs. Mulled wine is also a key winter tradition, for the quarter of Brits (24 per cent), who’ll be raising a warming toast this Christmas. 

Boxing Day as a stand-alone meal occasion

Boxing Day has become a food event in and of itself, with almost one in five (18 per cent) British households opting for a curry, using the Christmas leftovers. What’s more, a whopping 53 per cent look forward to the leftover sandwich each year. 

The rise of European bakery on the menu

Tasty European treats have also become firm favourites on the UK Christmas menu. One in seven of us (15 per cent) will enjoy Panettone this year, a further 18 per cent will get stuck into some Stollen, whilst;

  • 19 per cent will devour croissants
  • 12 per cent will be peckish for pancakes
  • 23 per cent prefer sweet pastries
  • 8 per cent will go for French toast
  • 9 per cent will welcome waffles to the Christmas menu
The Christmas breakfast spread

Christmas morning looks different on breakfast tables across Britain, but the research reveals a few firm favourites, including the classic breakfast sandwich (21 per cent), the full English (18 per cent) and ever-reliable cereal (26 per cent).

However, Christmas is a time to indulge. Across the country, one in ten will tuck into smoked salmon, whilst 12 per cent will go straight for chocolate on Christmas morning, and 8 per cent will opt for cake.

Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre comments: “To say lockdown has been a challenging time for families is an understatement. It’s not surprising that after such an unpredictable year, Brits are planning something to look forward to. Despite everything, food has the power to lift moods, bring people together and make the ‘everyday’ magnifique. Good food is more than just a meal on your plate. It’s a get-together, it’s sharing, it’s family - and this is never more true than at Christmas.”

For more information, visit www.stpierrebakery.co.uk



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