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Eddie is an edible ink desktop printer for printing full-colour photos, logos, designs and text directly onto the surface of baked goods and confectionery. It is now capable of printing on even taller items, including doughnuts, jumbo marshmallows, bagels and mini cakes up to 60mm tall and 120mm wide, using its new Platform Kit accessory.

Using the included carousel, Eddie prints a dozen 89mm biscuits, or other similar-sized items, in just two minutes – therefore making the automatic process of printing onto candy, white chocolate and macarons fast and easy. To print on taller confections, such as doughnuts, the carousel is removed, and instead the Platform Kit accessory is installed. Each food item is then manually fed onto the platform.

Due to direct printing, there is no strange film or aftertaste, which would decrease food quality. The edible ink meets all EU and FDA standards for use as a food additive and is Kosher-, Halal-certified and suitable for vegans.

It’s designed for professional and semi-pro users, and hobbyists who want to take creativity to the next stage. Helping to increase production and profit margins, offering greater customisation and personalisation.



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