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BRITA’s Grounds of Innovation Awards are back for a second year, and this year, the stakes are higher with even more amazing prizes up for grabs! 

The results are in! BRITA Professional’s recent research has revealed that coffee shops are the heartbeat of British communities, underscoring their role at the epicentre of society.

That’s why BRITA Professional’s Grounds of Innovation Awards are back for the second year, promising to be bigger and better than before. 

This year, there’s an incredible £1,000 prize bundle up for grabs which includes: 

  • An engaging latte art class from Barista Benji who has worked with the likes of Millie Bobby Brown’s amazing brand, Florence by Mills Coffee
  • delicious coffee bundle from sustainable coffee brand Grind, which includes limited edition Hello Kitty merch, part of Grind’s latest collection
  • An exclusive coffee tasting experience by Guatemalan roastery, Rascal Coffee

Every coffee shop on the top ten list will receive: 

  • Grounds of Innovation Winner’s plaque to proudly display in-store
  • Guaranteed exposure in BRITA’s high-impact marketing and press activity, including spotlight coverage in well-read magazines 
  • The top-three ranked coffee shops will win a free PURITY C iQ, BRITA’s latest intelligent filter designed for cafes. If you want consistently great-tasting coffee, you're going to want this! 

As the search for the UK’s most creative and innovative coffee shops continues, we have brought a renowned panel of coffee titans to help us crown the top ten. The panel includes: 

The UK boasts a wealth of talent and creativity within our coffee shops, but we know that it can be challenging to find time to be creative when focusing on running a fast-paced business.  This is where the PURITY C iQ comes in. By using cutting-edge technology, coffee shops can focus more on creativity instead of tedious tasks like monitoring and replacing coffee machine filters. With PURITY C iQ, the filter does this for you – automating and alerting you on its current status and when a replacement is due. Let the PURITY C iQ handle the details while you brew up brilliance!

A cup of coffee consists of 98% water, meaning it’s vital to get the water quality right to ensure a great-tasting and consistent cup. PURITY C iQ also achieves this by continually monitoring water properties, reacting automatically to changes to ensure consistent water quality. 

Not only this, but this innovative filter does a great job at preventing the buildup of limescale in its tracks as it continuously monitors the water’s carbonate hardness, adjusting settings accordingly. 

For a chance to win this filter to elevate your coffee game, please visit: www.brita.co.uk/grounds-of-innovation-2024 to enter today!


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