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JJ Foodservice is helping coffee shop customers raise their game with a new YouTube playlist featuring Damian Burgess, world-class coffee consultant and trainer.

In the nine-part YouTube series, Burgess reveals his top tips to serving coffee ‘like a pro’, including grinding the beans correctly, keeping equipment clean and mastering milk foaming.

The videos were created in collaboration with JJ Foodservice’s own-brand coffee, Royal Roast.

Head of marketing at JJ Foodservice, Omar El-Haj, said: “Exceptional coffee goes beyond quality beans. Our mission is to help customers to learn the gold standards of serving amazing coffee, while avoiding the common pitfalls that can ruin your brew.”

Burgess has been working as a coffee trainer since 2009, initially for a large Italian roasting company, and today is certifying baristas globally as a freelance coffee consultant and trainer. Watch the Barista Masterclass at: https://go.jjfoodservice.com/RRPlaylist.


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