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Dessert restaurant brand, Creams Cafe, is focusing on all things nostalgia with its new retro-inspired summer menu – available until 10 October to enjoy in-store, for delivery and on-the-go nationwide.

Innovation is at the heart of the summer menu, exemplified in three Instagrammable ice cream products. The 100s & 1000s-encrusted waffle Unicone, Lemon Meringue Cheescakundae – a unique take on a classic lemon meringue cheesecake-pie – and the Retro Rocket Sundae made up of raspberry sorbet, bubble gum blue gelato and vanilla soft serve, with an Ice Rocket lolly smashed into the gelato, topped with sprinkles and strawberry sauce.

Following an increase in demand for non-alcoholic drink alternatives, there are also two summer mocktails that are a take on the classics. The Pina Collider is a blend of crushed ice, pina colada syrup and mango coulis, topped with whipped cream and desiccated coconut; and the Lawnstar Partini is made of passionfruit purée, grapefruit juice, vanilla syrup and fresh passionfruit, topped up with sparkling water and finished with whipped creams and passionfruit seeds.

Finally, expanding the brand’s coffee offering is the new Chilli Vanilly Latte – an iced latte blended with chilli and vanilla syrup, topped with whipped cream and chilli powder available in three heat levels: British Summer (mild), Heatwave (medium) and Scorcher (hot).

Everett Fieldgate, CEO at Creams Café, said: “Nothing says retro like ice rocket lollies and 100s & 1000s sprinkles. We’ve tailored our new Summer Lovin’ range to meet the current customer appetite for comfort and nostalgia, creating familiar yet innovative treats and drinks to enjoy this season. Watch this space for even more excitement coming up in the Creams Cafe menu.”

All the summer specials sit alongside the complete Creams Cafe menu featuring signature waffles, cookie dough, milkshakes and sundaes, in addition to 24 flavours of gelato. Available in-store nationwide and by delivery via Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.


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