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-Boosting efficiencies, and creating an unobtrusive check-out experience-

Staying competitive in hospitality and retail means juggling lots of demands including keeping on top of rising prices, reducing costs and managing inventory. In a market where inflation is rising, adopting technologies that provide the tools to gain competitive edge is one way to manage costs, satisfy customers and boost profits.

Scan and Go, the latest in-app option from Lolly, delivers integrated technology solutions, enabling hospitality owners to control costs and give their customers the brand experience they’ll want to repeat. It does this by saving customers valuable time in needless queuing – by scanning and going, this enables the hospitality provider to improve customer service, with a fast checkout.

Scan and Go puts the power of Point of Sale (POS) into the hands of their customers. Using the Lolly app customers can simply scan, pay and go in one simple solution, removing the need for a  traditional POS or self-serve.

Peter Moore, CEO, It’s Lolly, comments: “Shoppers are often in a hurry particularly when it comes to grabbing lunch or dinner on the go. Speed and efficient service keeps turnover high and builds brand loyalty. The unattended shopping environment will become an ever-increasing option in the corporate environment and on the high street.  

“Recruitment is a challenge in many industries and hospitality owners want to ensure their staff are utilised in areas where they can add value by assisting customers rather than just processing their check-out experience.

“During the pandemic customers have become more confident with cashless payments. At Lolly, we are responding to the need for a completely contactless solution by pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver the tools for tomorrow, today. Scan and Go is perfect for sites that have a grab and go area – removing the need for a traditional POS unit so that customers can literally, grab, scan and go.” 



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