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-New all-in-one PoS and payments unit
-Centralised, simplified and accessible system for businesses of all sizes

The LollyEncore is the latest exciting launch to come from the PoS and payments company, It’s Lolly. An all-in-one PoS unit, with built-in printer and scanner, alongside an additional payment terminal, the LollyEncore joins the LollyMove as the next generation in hospitality EPoS - centralised, simplified PoS and payments systems.

With its smart design the LollyEncore packs a lot into a small, but powerful unit. As a compact PoS it can be deployed in a broad range of environments and is perfect for demanding and busy hospitality locations, particularly where space is limited. Wherever it sits, whether in a coffee shop, bar, fast-food or pop-up store, the reliable unit is easy to use for new and existing staff members.

The LollyEncore helps get businesses up and running, or refreshing their EPoS system, at an accessible price point. It comes installed with super intuitive Lolly software, and, with LollyPoS Lite, businesses can witness a real return on their investment.

The unit enables hospitality providers to offer customers a full range of payment options, from contactless mobile and card, to chip and pin, as well as cash (as a cash drawer comes included). The LollyEncore supports businesses who need flexibility, facilitating them meeting the demands of a range of customers from traditional cash-users, to on-the-go contactless spenders.

Peter Moore, CEO, It’s Lolly, comments: “At Lolly, we are on a mission to bring state-of-the-art technology and make it affordable and accessible to all hospitality players. The LollyEncore makes the ideal upgrade for smaller businesses looking to simplify and improve the PoS and payment systems they use – helping to future-proof their businesses.”


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