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Portion Solutions, the UK’s leading portion provider, has joined forces with Moostix to meet a gap in the market for semi skimmed milk sticks.

Following changes in the market supply post Brexit, Moostix have stepped in to supply a shortfall due to supply issues from the continent.

Simon Nicholson, Commercial Director at Portion Solutions, says: “As the hospitality sector starts to reopen, we’re receiving unprecedented enquiries for hygienically sealed sachets across our entire range.”

Simon goes on to say, “The impact of Brexit is being felt in the milk sticks supply chain, therefore it was a natural choice for us to partner with the team at Moostix to distribute their individual hygienically sealed portions of Milk and Oat drink sticks.”

Moostix are produced in the UK using British milk, providing a smooth supply chain for customers. In addition, Moostix use 25% less plastic when compared to the leading non-British milk stick brand, meaning lower plastic usage too.

Simon adds, “With the increase in demand from plant based and vegan consumers, the addition of an Oat based vegan dairy alternative was a sensible addition to the range and is already sparking interest with customers.”

To find out more visit www.portionsolutions.co.uk or call 01952 234100


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