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Read the latest up to date information from the BSA/Cafe Life Association on insurance, Goverment Support Packaging, Getting support forthe supply chain, vaccine priority request and waste survey.
Check Your Insurance

If your insurance covers business disruption you may find that you can now get some compensation for the COVID lockdowns following a ruling by the Supreme Court that insurers must pay out.     See here

Government Support Packaging

Payments for the current lockdown should start to be released by local authorities shortly, in most cases starting next week.   Details of the support available can be found at here

Getting Support for the Supply Chain

A letter has gone to the Chancellor this week from our Association and others urging the Treasury to provide further support for the suppliers to the foodservice sector and highlighting the fact that many have had no support since the lockdowns started.   Many of these suppliers were also caught by substantial stock losses at the start of the current lockdown.   We are particularly keen to demonstrate the damage that has been done by providing the Chancellor with examples of businesses at risk from this.   If you can help with this please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vaccine Priority Request

The Association has written to the Department of Health asking for those working in food businesses supplying into the healthcare sector, including sandwich manufacturers, to be given priority for vaccinations.   This is becoming increasingly urgent with the virulence of the new COVID strain causing more workers to need to isolate.


Minutes of the BSA Management Committee meeting held this week are now available on the Association’s website.   These provide an update of activities that the Association is currently involved with.   You will find the minutes here

Waste Survey

One of the projects being undertaken by the Association at the moment is to find ways of getting used sandwich packaging to centres where it can be recycled.   A working group is currently looking at ways to achieve this and we would welcome your help by completing a very short survey.   You will find the survey here

Some Crystal Ball Gazing

Don’t forget to join us at 3pm on Wednesday 27th January for a free webinar when the Institute of Grocery Distribution will be sharing their predictions on the food-to-go trends to watch out for in 2021.   A link to the meeting will be circulated to all members shortly.


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