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Web: www.lunchmate.co.uk

About Lunch Mate

Struggling to service long queues at peak times?

Once you’ve established an excellent reputation for your sandwiches, it’s often challenging to meet the demands of the many people wishing to get lunch from you all at the same time.

So why not let us help you get ahead of the game by offering your customers our app? The main aim of LunchMate is to solve the long hungry queues problem and it really comes into its own if you regularly have to make up many sandwiches there and then against a list from big local offices.

Perfect for customers and for you

LunchMate means that you’re able to fulfil your customer order more quickly and efficiently than your competitors.  Having downloaded the FREE app, your customers can remotely use their smartphones to browse enticing photos of your food menus; specify their personal preferences; add any extras and then pay in advance.  They’re then given an order number to present when they come to your premises.

You get a digital notification of each order, can make them up before peak times and have them instantly to hand when your LunchMate customers come in to collect. LunchMate means less handling of cash; less stress for staff and customers; and the ability to serve people more efficiently than ever before.  Win, win, win.

You can even share special offers and seasonal sandwiches direct to your customers’ mobile phones.

Looking for a way to add real value to your customer service?  You’ve just found it.  LunchMate has been specifically developed for sandwich bars and large staff canteens.  It’s simple and straightforward for you to update all your food menus and includes an automatically generated monthly statement so you can see usage levels.

Supported by point of sale literature to help you spread the good news to your customer base, LunchMate is already being used by the happy owners of sandwich bars.


Lunch Mate

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