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The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melt range is delicious and luxurious, made using real flaked chocolate from top quality cocoa beans. The result is a richer, smoother and more indulgent experience, available in sophisticated white, comforting milk, punchy dark and delicious sugar free varieties.

For our signature drinks we use cocoa from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Ecuador, all selected for their distinctive and smooth flavours when blended with milk. The range has been developed in our own family chocolate cafe in Sudbury, Suffolk, and is now also available in hundreds of discerning cafes and retail stores nationwide.

Our Hot Chocolate Melts have been honoured with the Cafe Society’s New Cafe Beverage award, and they have a following among chocolate lovers all around the country.

We welcome enquiries from cafes, coffee bars, farm shops, garden centres and delicatessens looking for the ultimate in hot chocolate.

Marimba has created a host of hot chocolate taste experiences, using carefully selected syrups and toppings. In our 'Fantastic Flavour Combinations’ booklet we suggest some of the very best pairings, with some quirky serving suggestions, together designed to bring a broad smile to the most discerning chocoholics.

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