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British Lion eggs and egg products
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Sales Contact: Phil Slaney

Phone: 0207 052 8899

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Web:  www.egginfo.co.uk/british-lion-egg/products

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About British Lion Eggs

Processing standards – it’s what sets the British Lion apart…

Across the world, food manufacturers want safe and reliable ingredients.  Eggs can be difficult; standards vary dramatically; and there is very little legislation to give food manufacturers, caterers and retailers the reassurance they need.

That’s why the UK operates the only recognised, comprehensive processing standard for eggs anywhere in the world.  The Lion Code of Practice for the Production of Lion Egg Products sets standards that work across all systems of production, protecting eggs from the moment they are laid, through processing and to the time they are delivered to food manufacturers and foodservice operators.  There is no equivalent Code of Practice anywhere in the world.

Wherever we are in the chain, be that in the hatcheries, on the farms or in the processing plants, our ISO17065-accredited independent auditors are constantly checking thousands of audit points, so that you don’t have to. 

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