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Assured Advice

The Cafe Life Association has joined up with Slough Borough Council to establish a one-stop shop for helping members deal with environmental health and trading standards issues.

What is Assured Advice? 

Essentially, the Assured Advice Scheme means that issues directly affecting café and coffee bar businesses can be dealt with consistently across the UK so that everyone is treated the same.   By signing up to our Assured Advice scheme, and following the guidance we produce under the scheme, ALL local enforcement officers (including environmental health and trading standards) must accept the procedures set out in that guidance.

What is Assured Guidance?

On issues that affect cafes and coffee bars as a whole, the Cafe Life Association will draw up Assured Guidelines in consultation with Slough Borough Council.    If you are signed up to the Society’s Assured Advice scheme and adopt that guidance, then it must be respected by your local enforcement officers.   Furthermore, if you have any problems in relation to the advice, you can refer them to the Society who will take them up on your behalf.

A good example of this would be the new Labelling Guidelines that have been drawn up by the Society and which set out how the new European Food Labelling legislation should be applied by UK café and coffee bars.   The labelling guidelines will be the first Assured Advice being issued in the New Year.

You will know if the advice in our guides is assured if it is marked with the words “Assured Advice”.

The scheme has the full backing of the Better Regulation Delivery Office, part of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

How does this help you?

One of the most difficult things for businesses is the inconsistency that can sometimes occur in the way different enforcement officers interpret regulations.    Through the Assured Advice scheme that interpretation is made by the Cafe Life Association in consultation with its Primary Authority, in this case Slough Borough Council, and local enforcement officers must respect that interpretation.

If you follow the Assured Advice we provide and this is challenged by your local authority, you simply refer the matter to us and we will take it up on your behalf through the scheme, saving you time and worry.

How to Sign up?

To take advantage of the Assured Advice Scheme it is necessary for you to sign up for it.  There is absolutely no cost involved in signing up as use of the scheme is included in your membership.  

The only time there may be a cost is if we take up a specific issue on your behalf but we will always tell you in advance if this is likely to happen.

If you would like more information about the scheme please contact Cafe Life Association Director Jim Winship at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">