3 layers of flatbreads sandwiched between beetroot tzatziki sliced chicken, sliced cucumber with spinach in the bottom half. Then fresh rainbow salad with olives and feta cheese with salad leaves in the top half.

Created by

Amy White – Greencore, Worksop, Notts


  • 100g - Lemon And Oregano Thick Flatbread
  • 70g - Beetroot Tzatziki
  • 140g - Universal Meats Sliced Chicken Breast
  • 40g - Sliced Cucumber
  • 20g - Spinach
  • 100g - Olive Thick Flatbread
  • 40g - Lemon And Herb Dressing
  • 100g - Rainbow Salad; Red Onion, Peppers, Carrot And Beetroot
  • 40g - Feta and Olive mix with mixed leaves
  • 100g - Lemon And Oregano Thick Flatbread

Method or Assembly Order

  1. Flatbread at bottom
  2. Beetrrot tzatziki on top
  3. Slices of cucumber on top of tzaziki
  4. Chicken on top of cucumber
  5. Spinach on top of chicken
  6. Olive flatbread on top
  7. Lemon dressing on top of olive flatbread
  8. Rainbow salad on top of dressing
  9. Feta and olive and salad leaves on top of salad
  10. Flatbread on top

Additional Info

These weights would make up a large round flatbread stack it would then be cut into 4 to serve. The idea is that it would be on display as a whole round sandwich and then you would have a slice cut for you.