Revolver are delighted to announce that our Fairtrade and Organic Ceylon Mixed Berry Tea Bags have won over judges at the Great Taste Awards for the fifth consecutive year.

Here at Revolver, we have a lot of faith in our products due to their taste profiles and ethical supply chains, and we are thrilled to see that the team over at Great Taste thought the same! Judges described the tea as having ‘good colour and strength, with a delicate balance of fruit/rose notes’, which pretty much hits the nail on the head. 

Ethical values are important to us, so it is great to see our tea get the recognition it deserves. Coming from the breathtakingly beautiful fields of Sri-Lanka, our teas are all Fairtrade as well as Organic. The tea bags are made out of Soilon, a corn starch derivative meaning they’re 100% biodegradable and plastic free. 

John Boyle, Chair of our Board of Directors commented, “Not only is our tea responsibly sourced but it looks great on the shelf, it’s environmentally packaged and it tastes great too. I’m proud of our team for getting this to market.”

Following inspiration from the success of Revolver’s award winning Fairtrade coffee, the creative efforts of the team have been realised through an instantly recognisable design, with colours which reflect the sophisticated flavours of the tea inside. Fair and ethical trading is of central importance to the brand, which is owned jointly by around 300 members.

“Incorporating a range of flavours was a key aspect of the product development,” said Revolver’s Head of Commercial Operations Hannah Birch. “Over the last decade or so, our members and customers have become familiar with the subtle taste notes in our wide range of coffees, and we are known for our ability to showcase some of the best flavour combinations available from all around the world.” 

“These are exciting times for us. New product development is always a welcome challenge, as we are keen to offer a new opportunity for customers and members to engage with our cooperative, while at the same time building on the reputation we have established since the birth of Revolver.”

Helen Lloyd, a team member who played a central role in the development of the eye-catching packaging, said “We needed to communicate these bright flavours to our customers through our packaging, and so from the outset of the design process, bright colours were on the agenda. We’ve used watercolour brushstrokes to provide the backdrop for the design, something which we feel represents the bright and blended taste notes in the tea.”

Environmentally Friendly

Addressing recent concerns over waste produced by traditional teabags, Revolver Cooperative has been quick to bring an environmentally friendly alternative to market through the new webbing, pyramid design. Constructed with a biodegradable, soilon mesh, the tea bags are able to be broken down by microorganisms in the soil.

“Traditional tea bags are often composed of a plastic compound called polypropene”, says Helen Lloyd. “While the research is still in early stages, polypropylene makes up to 25% of the old school bags, which could potentially harm humans when consumed, as well as releasing microplastics into the soil when disposed of.”

“We looked at this very carefully when the research began coming to light, and it was obvious to us that introducing a safe, environmentally friendly alternative was of a critical importance. As a result, our teabags are composed of a biodegradable plant based compound called SoilOn, meaning when you buy a box of Revolver tea, you can do so without worrying about microplastics.”

Sourced from Sri Lanka

Our suppliers are one of the oldest tea companies in Sri Lanka, with 107 years under their belt. The tea is traditionally blended in order to preserve the quality of single origin pure Ceylon Tea. Of course, the tea is Fairtrade and Organic, not only ensuring a high quality product, but also benefiting local communities and tea farmers in Sri Lanka.

Our ethos here at Revolver revolves around great tasting, ethical products. Over the last five years we’ve won ten awards from Great Taste Awards along our entire product range.  All our three teas (Green, English Breakfast and Mixed Berry) proudly carry themselves on those three qualities; great taste, great ethics and great thought for the environment.