UK’s Fastest Growing Dairy Alternative, made for Coffee Pros By Coffee Pros


Minor Figures ( is a cold brew and oat m*lk start-up who are revolutionising the way we drink coffee. August 2020 sees the East London based entrepreneurs launch their creamy vegan Oat and Organic Oat Milk to Waitrose shops, and Booths. Already popular at the best coffee shops around the UK, and now even globally, aware that cafés around the world are increasingly looking for plant based alternatives, the sustainability-minded business has spent years developing the recipe to offer high performing oat m*lk, successfully achieving the same stability for froths and foams that baristas look for.

Minor Figures are the UK’s fastest growing dairy alternative and oat milk brand, having experienced over 357% growth in the past year (Shopper KPI’s 52 w/e 19th April 2020), with total oat milk sales doubling in the last year. From their background in specialty coffee, Minor Figures have developed an organic oat m*lk for professionals, which coffee fans can take home or request in their preferred café. Made with quality ingredients, this oat m*lk is also delicious in your cup of tea, smoothie or morning cereal. It doesn’t split in acidic espresso, staying beautifully creamy.

Alice Shrubsall, buyer for Long Life Milk & Dairy Alternatives at Waitrose, comments: “We’re really excited to be launching these new oat milks from Minor Figures. The demand from our customers for alternative milks continues to rise, with oat milk proving particularly popular, so we know these varieties will be the perfect addition to our range and we can’t wait for shoppers to try them. 

We predict that as social distancing restrictions lift, sales will continue to do so too, as more of our customers continue to work from home and enjoy their barista-style coffee while doing so.”

Stuart Forsyth, co-founder and CEO of Minor Figures, comments: "Our Regular and Organic Oat M*lks have been designed to pair perfectly with great tasting coffee. We’re all coffee people, and wanted to reflect that by creating a product that would allow baristas to heighten their customers' own coffee-drinking experience. The desire for decent dairy-free is huge, and only getting bigger, with café customers choosing oat in and out of home. We’ve rightly built a reputation for quality, and now Minor Figures is proud to add two SKUs to Waitrose’s alt m*lk offering”.


Minor Figures Oat M*lk - £1.80 for 1 litre - and Minor Figures Organic Oat M*lk - £2 for 1 litre will be available at and Waitrose from 5th August.

Minor Figures Oat M*lk - £1.79 for 1 litre - and Minor Figures Organic Oat M*lk - £1.99 for 1 litre will be available at Booths from 20th July.