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About Planglow Ltd
Planglow Gastro

Planglow provides food labels, compostable packaging and label printing software to the catering industry.

Labelling and Software
Planglow offers a wide selection of eye-catching sheet and roll labels for use in conjunction with its ground-breaking label printing app, LabelLogic Live, for creating professional, legislatively compliant labelling. Customers can print as much or as little information as required - from title, description, use by date and price, to barcodes, Q.U.I.D.S, nutritional data, Reference Intakes and allergen information as well as linking to other menu software programs. If you are concerned about how Natasha’s Law could affect you, fear not because Planglow is here to help. Planglow’s ground-breaking label printing app, LabelLogic Live will help you take control and minimise allergen risk. The software works on any online device and labels can be printed using any desktop or roll printer. As the app is cloud-based, it updates instantly in line with any legislative changes, ensuring that caterers are always compliant.

Compostable Packaging
Planglow offers a diverse range of eco packaging solutions for the grab and go market including: sandwich packaging, salad packs, hot food packaging, handled bags, windowed bags, buffet boxes, compostable cups, pots and lids. Available in five off-the-shelf collections - Natural, Ecoco, Gastro, Street Food and Botancial - Planglow also provides custom design options and brand creation services.

All Planglow packaging is made from compostable materials, even the clear window film is derived from renewable plants rather than oil based plastic. The plant based laminate is fully certified to the European (EN13432) norms for compostable packaging and is also certified as home compostable.

Closing the Loop on Food and Packaging Waste
Planglow has teamed up with bio processing experts - PRM Waste Systems - to offer an easy, ecological and cost-effective method for disposing of food and packaging waste onsite. The units break food and compostable packaging down in as little as 24 hours into a soil enricher which can be used to help grow more crops.

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