Low cost member Food Hygiene Training

A new on-line Level 2 food hygiene training programme has been launched by the Cafe Society using the latest accelerated learning techniques.

The law requires that businesses ensure that all those handling food (which includes delivery staff) are given appropriate ‘supervision’ and training in line with the work they do.

Although it is not a requirement that food handlers have a food hygiene certificate, most reputable food businesses prefer that they do, particularly as this also provides the evidence needed for a ‘due diligence’ defence if anything ever goes wrong. Neither does the legislation specific how the necessary skills should be obtained.

Although certificates for basic food hygiene courses do not have an expiry date, it is generally considered good practice for employees to be given a refresher course every couple of years in order to remind them of the importance of food safety in the work they do.

In partnership with the Food Learning Company, The Cafe Society has developed a certified Level 2 food hygiene training course which is available to members for just £15 + VAT per person. Members can buy courses on-line when they need them and they can be taken on any internet connected computer system.

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Details of the course can also be found at www.thefoodlearningcompany.co.uk