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Healthy People Make Healthy Businesses

Illness and accidents happen to all of us at times and when they do they can cause havoc to your business – particularly when it happens to you or key employees. And, unfortunately, getting treatment is not always that quick.

Even if you could continue to work, it can be difficult to concentrate if you are feeling unwell or are in pain.

To help members, we have teamed up with one of the country’s leading health and wellbeing specialists Positively Healthcare to provide bespoke health insurance and unique dental and optical cover at substantially discounted rates.

While the NHS is a fantastic service that is the envy of many, it is struggling to cope and waiting lists are getting longer. In some parts of the country it is difficult to get to see a GP, so diagnostic services are delayed. Cancer drugs are often bound by local funding affordability as opposed to life saving necessity. Hence businesses are increasingly looking to compliment the health and wellbeing needs of their staff with affordable medical insurance as a way of managing absence, protecting production and maintaining their businesses.

The perception is that health insurance is expensive but this is not necessarily the case.

To help members, the Cafe Life Association has secured discounts of up to 30% for members who currently do not have medical insurance. And, getting signed up is really quick and easy as it is all done on-line.

To find out what it would cost you - with no commitment at all - simply click on the following link and answer a few simple questions.


  • Did you know that if you employ more than 5 people you have to provide free sight testing? Typical cost to employers is £25 per employee
  • Were you aware that dental patients across the country face a post code lottery when it comes to the cost of a simple check-up?
  • The astonishing range of check-up costs is £15 - £125 with mark ups of up to 733% according to a survey of 12,000 practises carried out by “” and as reported in the Daily Mail
  • A simple check- up in London was found to be £15 compared to the UK average of £36 and a figure of £125 by one Bristol dentist!

In addition to the private health option, our agreement includes a unique dental and optical scheme which offers up to £375 of dental and/or optical cover for just £6.25 per month. No dental or optical medical history is required for this scheme.

You can get a free quote on-line by using the following link:


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