The British Coffee Association announces white paper to help UK coffee industry embed circular economy

The British Coffee Association (BCA) has published a white paper, "Bean to Bin and Beyond" which details the progress, barriers and opportunities in embedding a fully circular economy in the UK coffee industry.

Aiming to become the first industry to achieve a fully circular supply chain in the UK, the report sets out a clear framework to help BCA members and the industry-at-large achieve this ambition.

Bean to Bin and Beyond includes seven goals to pave the way for the coffee industry to achieve key principles of circularity, in line with the Governments 25-year environmental plan which sets out the UK’s vision to reduce waste and our environmental impact.

These BCA goals for the coffee industry include achieving zero waste packaging by 2025 with 100% recyclable or re-usable packaging across all products with 0% of waste going to landfill.

Published to mark the beginning of UK Recycling Week, the white paper builds on the sustainability BCA Sustainability Mission published by the trade organisation last September and recognises that there are a great number of opportunities to be harnessed and an equal number of challenges yet to be overcome in order to achieve a sustainable circular economy.

Amongst the key challenges to overcome that are identified is closer industry collaboration and, vitally, stronger government commitment in expanding existing recycling infrastructure available in the UK and improving consistency in material recycling across local authorities.

The report also highlights the progress made to date, detailing a number of key sustainability initiatives underway across the industry including the circularity from the capturing of waste coffee grounds to embedding green transport infrastructure, to supporting farms in origin countries in reducing waste and improving efficiency.

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