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News Update - European Coffee Expo

La Cimbali, exhibitor and exclusive sponsor of the VIP Lounge at the inaugural European Coffee Expo, has revealed details of the premium artisan coffees it has chosen for next week’s show to highlight the consistent in cup quality that is achievable with its most technically advanced professional machines.

VIP Lounge
In the VIP Lounge La Cimbali will demo the M100i ’intelligent milk’ traditional espresso machine and two S30 ‘Perfect Touch’ superautomatics, one as a fully automatic and one with TurboSteam, all set up with the new Elective grinder doser.

The M100i will be brewing Barbarella IV, a unique blend from Lincoln & York, the coffee sourcing, roasting and packing specialist, which brings together three distinct coffees: a Colombia Totoro with an incredibly sweet base, complimented by a bright and juicy Kenya Kathakwa. Plus a naturally processed Rwanda Gatare which lends a full body and intense tropical fruit hit. Served black, expect bubble-gum sweetness, ripe mango and a luxuriously creamy mouthfeel. With milk, look out for liquorice, strawberry ice cream and cane sugar. As well as serving Barbarella as an espresso and with milk, each of the individual coffees contained within the blend will be served on rotation over the two days.

The S30s will run Barbarella IV plus Benchmark, another speciality blend from Lincoln & York that combines a red honey processed Costa Rica from Las Lajas Micromill with a natural Brazil from Beneficio Pedra Branca. Served black, the body is smooth and creamy with milk chocolate and toffee sweetness. In milk you’ll find butterscotch, shortbread and brown sugar.

“We have some excellent coffees planned for next week and we aim to show visitors just how easy it can be to deliver great tasting speciality coffee, day in day out when you take advantage of the technology on offer from Cimbali,” said Dan Clarke, managing director La Cimbali.

“Darker roast commercial grade coffee with a higher Robusta content is usually run through bean to cup machines because it is more forgiving during the brew cycle with a wider margin of error in terms of extraction and taste balance. Conversely, the lighter and fruitier speciality coffees which have become so popular in the artisan sector are much more demanding and for that reason are usually avoided by operators with bean to cup machines.

“However, we have tested numerous single origin and speciality blends from various roasters with our latest superautomatics and such is the accuracy of the technology that the results are comparable to coffee brewed through a traditional machine. In fact I would say that a lot of the time the in-cup consistency of the finished drink is improved by using the S30 or S20 which is quite a milestone.”

la cimbali pic 01

La Cimbali stand E14
La Cimbali will be showcasing the flexibility of the most recent addition to its range of bean to cup machines, with two S20s on show, one set up in fully automatic mode and one featuring the TurboSteam milk management system. These machines will be brewing up Benchmark espresso plus a speciality blend from Ringtons, the specialist coffee and tea supplier. Rington’s Blend no 1, is a 100% Arabic blend offering a light and complex drinking experience with berry and dried fruit tones complemented by notes of chocolate and liquorice.

Guests can see how the M100 HD, which will also run with Rington’s Blend No1 and Barbarella IV, can be set up to highlight the flavour and aroma characteristics of the coffees using the integral pressure profiling system. Using this technology, the option for signature drinks is endless!

MUMAC Academy, London
In addition to award winning technology and premium, artisan coffees, the La Cimbali barista training team will be on hand to provide details of the specialist courses on offer from the MUMAC Academy, London. Of particular interest, in light of the increasing significance of the ‘professional barista’ is the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) Diploma, of which the Barista Skills module is available at MUMAC.