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Last updateThu, 14 Jun 2018 11am

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Cafés top the ladies' list of first date venues

Men and women, it seems are from different planets as blokes (and I use the term in a derisory manner) prefer a date at Nandos but women would much prefer to screen potential beaus over coffee. 

In a very nice bit of research* by a dating app, it seems that despite the discrepancy in choice of first date venues, blokes appear to be getting their way. Or are they? With Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero all in the top six, it seems that women have a wide range of tastes whereas blokes have a one track mind. Who knew? 

Well, OK, we all did, but this story has been picked up by a lot of media outlets and shows how central to everyone's social life the café/coffee shop is. Some of the greatest movie love stories and artwork are set in cafés, not least this gem over a snadwich from When Harry Met Sally.


*Nice research? This comes in a week when MI5 has been recrding our phonecalls, now the chats we have on dating sites are being analysed? Ooo-err Clover!