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MCA Food to Go Conference

MCA Food to Go Conference

The MCA Food to Go Conference  addresses the fast-growing  food-to-go market. Capitalise on the business growth based on insight with an exclusive offer for BSA members. The MCA food-to-go conference takes place on 7th February 2018 at Ham Yard Hotel, London.  


Cafe Life Association Retail Membership

Cafe Life Association Retail Membership

Retail membership of the Café Life Association both gives you and your business a voice on issues affecting your industry and also provides you with a range of benefits, from information and advice to...


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Issue 83 - November 2017

Issue 83 - November 2017

Inside This Issue

With the festive season drawing close, we take our customary look at some special food and beverages to enable outlets to capitalise on this lucrative time of year. Cakes an...



Save Money on Overseas Transactions

Save Money on Overseas Transactions

The Cafe Society has linked up with Cornhill Foreign Exchange to offer members cost savings and an all-round easier way to send and receive money internationally.

Rates are generally much better than the High Street banks, by typically up to 3-4%. That equals an additional £30-£40 on a transfer as low as £1,000 and as much as £3000-£4000 on larger trades of £100,000.

If you need currency for buying equipment, products or services from another currency region, Cornhill FX can provide you with highly competitive rates without any hassle.

Unlike the impersonal service provided by many large institutions, Cornhill FX aims to work closely with their corporate and private clients to build long term relationships.

How is it possible?
  • Cornhill FX’s relationship with banks in the City is such that they are able to obtain the finest pricing for all currencies at all times. This, in turn, allows them to offer their clients the very best exchange rates available in the market.
  • By using a major international clearing bank, funds are always received within a couple of hours.
Peace of Mind
  • As soon as funds are received from a client, Cornhill FX immediately confirm receipt so that you know it has arrived. They will also send confirmation as soon as the currency has been sent to the designated account you want paid.
  • Each client has a designated personal dealer to assist them – so you have one point of contact which not only saves you time but also helps you to build a rapport with an individual.
  • You can even fix a rate. For example, you can place an order with Cornhill FX for a certain amount of currency at a particular rate and their through 24 hour order system will automatically complete the trade when that rate has been achieved, regardless of what time of day or night.

How it works

To take advantage of this service, simply call or email Cornhill FX and confirm the amount of currency you wish to purchase. As a member, Cornhill FX will quote you the best available rate in the market for that particular amount you wish to trade. If you are happy with the rate they will book the currency there and then, thereby fixing that rate for you. At that point they will e-mail a deal ticket to you to confirm all the details of the trade and details for you to transfer your selling currency to them.

The deal ticket also allows you to give Cornhill FX the bank details of where you would like the funds sent. Once the deal ticket is received back by Cornhill, and as soon as the selling currency arrives in their account, they will send your currency free-of-charge directly to the account you have asked them to pay it into.

There is no cost in registering for the scheme. You can do this via the following websites:

Quote “Cafe Society” for preferential rates.

For further information please contact:

Dominic Baldwin
Senior FX Broker

Direct +44 207 710 9634 I
Tel +44 207 710 9610 I
Fax +44 207 710 9660

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cornhill FX ,18 St Swithins Lane, London EC4N 8AD