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#Pastraw - Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws

The Italian food-to-go brand, Coco di Mama, have launched the #Pastraw, an innovative and eco-friendly solution to single-use plastic straw waste.


Inspired by food, the Pastraw is made from 100% uncooked egg-free pasta, meaning they are completely compostable, authentic Italian and suitable for vegans - mamma mia! Coco di Mama has tested various varieties to find a pasta fit for purpose and, following a positive customer trial, say they are excited to launch them across London. Pastraws are suitable for use in all cold beverages; perfect for a refreshing juice or iced latte in the summer heat. 

Whilst some larger chains are still using plastic straws, many restaurants have moved to more eco-friendly paper straws. However, lots of customers struggle with these due to their short ‘drink-life’, often beginning to disintegrate before the drink is finished.  As well as preventing the need for single-use plastics, Pastraws last up to three times longer than a paper straw, without falling apart (tested up to half an hour), claim Coco di Mama.