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Campden BRI News w/c 7 May

Here's your latest update on the wide range of infomation and training available from Campden BRI. Practical scientific, technical, regulatory and information support for the food and drink industry.

Our May 2018 newsletter is now available. It includes items on:

• Is plastic too good at what it does?
• Bread structure measurement method internationally approved
• Advances in analytical technology
• Food safety research
• Case study – colour stability during shelf life

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Campden BRI thermal processing conference

Our thermal processing conference, 7-8 June, will focus on the latest academic, industrial and regulatory aspects of producing commercial heat preserved foods. There will be presentations on several topical aspects, including governing the safety and quality of thermal processed foods. Technical sessions will cover the following themes:

• Secrets of successful thermal processing
• International research activities 
• What’s next for thermal processing?

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Short survey – attitudes to clean label

We are conducting a survey of industry and consumers to understand attitudes to clean label. The survey is part of a member-funded project into clean label sugar reduction and the results of the survey will be shared with our members later this year.

The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and will close on Friday 11 May.

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Food authenticity testing and the detection of adulterants - Insights into analytical methods

This one day course, 19 June, will cover the analytical methods associated with food authenticity and the detection of adulterants. Delegates will learn:

• What analytical methods are appropriate for specific authenticity or adulteration issues
• The pros and cons of the techniques
• The costs involved with this type of testing

The course will use case studies, demonstrate rapid methods and allow time for the discussion of delegate-specific issues.

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Food safety management - FSSC 22000 v4.1 seminar

If you are a technical or quality manager in the food and drink manufacturing sector you may need to learn about Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 v4.1. This seminar, on 27 June, will bring you up to date with the changes you need to make to comply with FSSC 22000 v4.1:

• FSSC 22000 background
• ISO 22000 – systems and protocols
• Update on the draft version of ISO 22000
• FSSC from a manufacturer’s perspective
• Key additions and changes to FSSC 22,000 v4.1

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Enhanced shelf life evaluation using advanced microbial profiling

All foods in the retail sector need to have a date to mark the end of their shelf life. Microbiological shelf life targets are currently limited to a few select species detected using agar based methods. Other less easy to detect, but potentially important microorganisms may never be observed. “Advanced Microbial Profiling” (AMP) can be used to profile microbial populations and determine a more meaningful shelf life.

Join us for a free 30-minute webinar on Tuesday 22nd May at 15:00 (UK time), where Greg Jones, Microbiologist, will explain the principles and applications of AMP. This is available free and exclusively to Campden BRI members and will be of interest to anyone investigating issues with shelf life, spoilage or hygiene.

About the speaker...

Greg Jones, Microbiologist, Campden BRI

Greg is a graduate in Biotechnology from Cardiff University and has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Swansea University. He joined Campden BRI's Microbiology Department in 2006, specialising in the microbiology of preservation, processing and spoilage.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blog: save money without compromising your product

Increasing competition, rising ingredient prices and value-conscious shoppers are squeezing profits in food manufacturing. But it can be challenging to cut costs while maintaining quality and ensuring the texture, flavour and appearance of your product remain the same.

In this blog, Martin Whitworth, principal scientist, explains how understanding your ingredients and processes can save you money.

About the author...

Martin Whitworth, Principal Scientist, Campden BRI

Martin has an MA and PhD in physics from Cambridge University and is a committee member of the Institute of Physics Food Manufacturing group. He is also an honorary Associate Professor in the University of Nottingham School of Biosciences. Martin's research interests include the use of imaging techniques for analysing food structure and colour.

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